"Jason was a loyal and caring friend and had deep empathy for his loved ones."


Jason Brooks Reed passed away on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 following a brave battle with kidney disease. He was born at Bon Secours Hospital in Baltimore, MD, and was the son of Myron and Rowena Reed.

Jason was a loyal and caring friend and had deep empathy for his loved ones. As a child he was curious and sometimes mischievous, but he just couldn’t resist being independent and discovering things for himself. In his early years, he lived in Catonsville, MD where he found his love of music from his mother and father. His mother taught him how to dance, as there was always music playing in the house. His father was a part-time DJ, which laid the path for his future career.

Growing up Jason had a love of fashion, hip hop, dancing, and DJing. He practiced DJing everyday afterschool with his friends Richard Ebb and Mike Dixon. When Jason started working as a teenager, he bought clothes and jewelry because he wanted to be “fresh” at all times. He also wanted his crew to be fresh, so he would cut their hair for a low fee or even free to maintain the ultimate level of freshness. He was inspired by the fashion of the older guys in his neighborhood and that set the standard for his style. By the time he was 15, he wore silk clothes and Bally shoes for going to the club, where he would dance all night.

Jason attended Carver High School in Baltimore, MD, which was his parents alma mater. In high school he was known for his big jewelry, dancing, and being best-dressed. There he and some friends formed a dance team. After high school he enlisted in the Army, worked with children in schools and medical centers, and later began his career as a DJ and music producer.

He found success early in his music career with the release of “Tango” on Basement Boys Records, as the duo Soul Providers with Ian ‘45’ Carey ⏤ which he credits his mother for giving him the sample. The following year they released “Rise”, featuring Michelle Shellers, which led to international recognition and success and over 15 hit singles. Jason’s success took him to Europe and Canada to DJ and work with the most successful record producers. He is a legend in Amsterdam.

Those who knew Jason will agree, he was not someone you could fit into a box. He could be serious, funny, curious, dependable, optioniated, demanding, and compassionate, but he always told you the truth. His honesty gave you permission to be yourself with him ⏤ you never had to hide who you were with Jason. He will be missed by so many, but he has left us with infinite memories to ease our sorrow.

He leaves his devoted partner, Makia Morehead; his loving mother, Rowena Reed; his brother, DeWayne Reed and his wife Tanisha Reed; his niece and nephews, Madison Reed, Maxwell Reed, and Miles Reed; his sister, Kimberleigh Bobbit; his uncles, William B. Thomas, Gregory Thomas and his wife Nita Thomas, and Cimarron Reed; his grandparents, William Thomas and Jannell Reed; his cousins, Taija Thomas, Shafi Thomas, Tameka Brown, and Vincent Jessie and his wife Alesia Jessie; his extended family, Mike Dixon, Carlos Muhammad, Chris Carey, Charles Monroe, Kareem Foster, Saladin Foster, Abdullah Foster, Uzuri Holder, Husani Holder and his wife Ashley Holder, Janea Kirumba and her husband Denis Kirumba, Pansey Warren, Derrick Warren and his wife Ronnita Warren, Eugene Bowens, and Ollen Douglass; and many cherished relatives and friends.

He is reunited with his father, Mryon Reed; his grandmother, Veda Thomas; his grandfathers, Jesse Reed and Richard Stuckey; his great-grandfather, Brooks Palmer; his great-grandmother, Claire Mears; his uncles, William Palmer, Kenny Thomas, and Michael Reed; his cousin, Gehiji Thomas; his extended family, Shirley Morehead, MiMi Wilson, Bell Garner, and Foster Warren; his close friends; Richard Ebb, Ian Carey, and Robin Rush; his cherished pets, Samone aka MoMo and Baby Tee; and many beloved relatives and friends.

A letter from Jason's Mother


I could not feel the depth of your pain, nor did I hear your last sigh. I only know life was over without a last goodbye. God knew you had to leave us. He gave me the strength to face it and the courage to bear the blow. But what it meant for me to lose you Jason, no one will ever know. I thank God for releasing you from all the pain that was going through your body. I know my son that you are now free from all your pain and suffering.

Jason, I want you to know that I loved you and will continue to love you until God calls me home. The next time we meet, we meet up on the DANCE FL.... (House Music "ALL NIGHT LONG")...Love You my son...

Your Loving Mother,


A letter from Makia

Dear Jason,

As you know, I did not like you when we first met. I thought you were so arrogant, you reminded me of a grand peacock, but as the night went on you changed my mind. I had no idea that night we would share a life together for 22 years. My sadness of losing you is not as much as I imagined because I have so many amazing memories of you.

I must take this moment to thank you. Thank you for being my personal standup comedian. Thank you for asking me how I felt everyday because you needed to know I was OK. Even when I was overseas for two months, you called me everyday with that deep voice asking “How are you doing today Sweetness?”, and you were making sure I hadn't been kidnapped. Thank you for showing up for me in every way that matters. Thank you for being my best friend. But above all, thank you for choosing me.

When people ask me how we stayed together for so long, I say it’s because I can always be myself with Jason. At times not my best self, but you loved me despite my flaws. Being with you was so easy and never felt forced or like a chore. That made the challenges we faced less difficult and the good times so, so sweet.

I could turn this letter into a novel talking about what you mean to me, so I will bring this to a close. I sincerely dedicate this quote to you, as it best conveys my heart.

With my infinite love,

Makia aka Sweetness

“Marriage hath in it less of beauty but more of safety, than the single life; it hath more care, but less danger, it is more merry, and more sad; it is fuller of sorrows, and fuller of joys; it lies under more burdens, but it is supported by all the strengths of love and charity, and those burdens are delightful.”

Bishop Jeremy Taylor